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Who We Are

God's Promise is a homeless shelter working in cooperation with other nonprofit organizations.

★ Medical Outreach

★ Spiritual Outreach

★ Social Outreach

★ Promoting Empathy and Humanity

We believe that:
Those who desire to live under a roof on a bed should be granted the desire if they agree to:
1. Follow the rules of the community / shelter.
2. Do the chores.

3. Work during the day if able.
5. Participate in our
Public Cleaning Program.
6. Participate in our
Composting at Home Program.
7. Participate in our
Nursery Program.
8. Participate in our
Online Store Program.
9. Fulfill Chores, take turns, clean showers.
10. Work with Volunteers and Staff.


Be our volunteer. Join our team.


Growing Trees to 
Reduce CO2

We are a Licensed California Nursery.

We look to hire dedicated and detail-oriented individuals including minorities such as
handicapped, those from foster homes, refugees, immigrants, single parents, those going through divorce, DACA students, and all those in similar categories. 

Autumn Leaves

We Offer
Yard Cleaning
for Leaves and 

Los Altos
Mountain View
San Jose
Santa Clara

We use garden waste to make organic garden soil.
We make the earth soil healthier by composting, using Microbes and Earth worms.

When We Have Time, We Do Public Cleaning.

clean 1.jpg
clean 2.jpg


We appreciate your donation to run our programs. 

Any donation small or big is appreciated. 

Thank you very much!!

Thanks for submitting!

Our Sponsors & Supporters:

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