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Capture abundant rainwater when it rains and use it to feed your garden. 

Plants love rainwater. 

Seeds will germinate with a higher success rate with rainwater. 

Rain barrel is free when we have sponsorship. 

You have options to choose from available rain barrels from Amazon that contains more than 45 gallons of rainwater, or we can pick the style and color based on your backyard design. 

Installation of rainwater is $100 per rain barrel performed by Resolution Gutter, a Santa Clara based company. You will be charged for any missing parts such as rain gutter, down spout, extender, etc. Resoluton Gutter will offer 5% discount for other services if you request the service at the time of rain barrel installation. 


When this program is not funded, you will pay the actual cost of rain barrel/s out of your pocket.


Please visit our website for more information:Rent Rain Barrel for Free | God's Promise (



Use Rain Barrel/s for Your Garden

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