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Our Activities

We Are Growing Trees for the Future.

God's Promise received 3,000 Pine Tree seedlings from a local business. Pine Trees are evergreen trees and are great CO2 absorbers. They live 100 -1000 years and will help our future generations.

We Collect E-Wastes and Plastic Wastes.

In 2023, Markers and Sharpies are recyclable items. Headsets, earbuds, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs, too.
We rescue those from going into trash bin in schools, offices and homes.
Help Us Do Something Good for the Environment.

We Collect Twigs and Branches

After the super windy days in March 2023, branches are everywhere. We are collecting them by hand to make them the ingredients for organic soil.

We Do Community Cleanup.

When we are thankful for all the gifts we receive from all of you, we are empowered to do community service.

We Pick Up Vegetable Wastes from Local Grocery Stores and Make Organic Soil

Vegetable and Fruit Wastes are No Longer Wastes but Resources. We Use Them to Grow Trees and Vegetables for Future Generations.

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