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Composting At Home Using Composter

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Vegetables & Fruit
from Kitchen
Good Microbes
& Bacterias 
to Multiply
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It's about the Nutrition.

To Grow Anything, we need Nutritious SOIL.

Daily Wasted Food Can Be the Ingredients for Nutritious Soil. 

We Need 8-Part Brown and 2-Part Green Ingredients

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  • It's a 50-minute presentation full of useful information to start composting at home. 
  • Each participant will receive informative literature of what's needed for successful composting. 
  • The presenter will bring in dry ingredients such as twigs and papers as well as wet ingredients like watermelon and bananas. We will not bring in eggs. We will bring in a tumbling composter, a food processor, and a juicer. We will bring in a Compost Starter that makes making soil more fun, with good microbes to multiply in number to spread good soil around.
  • The fee is $120 for a presentation. The number of participants are limited to under 30 participants. 
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