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We use 8 Part Brown and 2 Part Green Ingredients.
Some people call it 80 % Carbon and 20 % Nitrogen.
The example ingredients are found at this link: ingredients.

To make it easy and successful, we use Topsoil as our 80% of the brown ingredients.

Compost Starter is a must have for the beginner composters. 
The bag contains good bacteria called Microbes. Microbes make the soil fluffy and odor-free just like in the nature.
There is no stinky smell as many people may imagine.
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If you smell bad odor, that can be because;

1. You might have accidentally put meat products in there, such as raw meat, bone, fish, skin, etc. 

2. You might have put too much liquid or water. This causes smell. In that case, you could just put dry brown paper such as paper towel tubes, brown shipping box, egg cartons, etc. 

Dry ingredients can absorb the excess water and prevents the occurrence of any smell. 

Our nonprofit is using one 37 gallon composter and we have no neighbor complaints as there is no smell occurring. It's so fun to do something like this. 
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  • We will turn fruit and vegetable waste into organic compost in your backyard.
  • Composting presentation is offered for desired participants.
  • Free Tumbling Composter if you stay in the program for 12 months or longer.
  • Find friends with green thumb locally.
  • Grocery stores and restaurants: we will come to pick up your fruit and vegetable wastes at your location. Please partner with us and we will make healthy soil for healthy planet. 
  • We give free compostable bags to grocery stores and restaurants if using them will make it easier to donate fruit and vegetable waste. 
  • We give a countertop basket for compostable materials to those who desire to use it to collect compostables in the kitchen.
  • All the participants need to sign up with name, address, phone number so that we can keep receiving grants to continue this great work.
  • We will send you donation receipt and Thank you Letter when you contribute to this environmental and community-building project.
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