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Our Work

Making a Difference

Saving a Life, One At a Time

We see homeless individuals everywhere. Say, at Target, in the parking lot, on the street, or at intersections. 

We talk to them and ask if they are sleeping on the street, and we ask if they want to take a shower. If they say yes, we take them to YMCA so that they can take a shower. We give them clean clothes to change into. We give them a haircut and food. 

Usually, by this time, you notice something is wrong with the person.

Oftentimes, they cannot talk fluently. Their lips are vibrating, and they are murmuring. 

Sometimes, you hear a story that something happened in their life and ever since they have been living unhoused. And the story reveals that the person needs a medical attention. 

They say that they will go to the place if there is a place that they can stay.

But they refuse to go if you say the ride is coming. 

They say no thanks and walk away.

They will go to a shelter if it's nearby.

Recovery takes time. In physical, social and medical aspects.

But when the homeless individuals are with us, they are in good hands. 

They can either go to a doctor's appointment at Valley Medical Center or be seen by their doctor at our shelter. 

By seeing a doctor and receiving medical attention, individuals gradually start to get better. 

When they are recovering, we offer opportunities for them to get stronger through our programs. 

1. Organic Gardening Program:


Individuals will engage in organic gardening process. We grow vegetables, flowers, fruits, fruit-bearing trees, etc. By interacting with nature's healing power, individuals will start to get better and better. 

2. Taking Care of a Chicken Coop Program: 

Individuals will engage in taking care of three hens and their well-beings by cleaning their coop and maintaining a healthy environment for them. By interacting with animals, individuals will realize that we are not animals, but humans, that are different from animals. 

Individuals will also learn to love animals, enjoy the fresh eggs that come from taking care of the animals. Giving them joy. 

3. Christian Workshop and Fellowship Program: 

We invite pastors and priests to share gospel with the recovering individuals. 

Through the life-giving messages and socializing with the followers of Jesus Christ, each once-a-homeless individual will regain hope and power. 

4. Ready to Work Program

We offer space and time for individuals to grow and relax, get ready to work. 

Our daily routine starts with taking care of the organic garden. 

Our routine includes turning garden wastes into nutritious garden soil. 

By interacting with nature and people, residents and volunteers will regain the assurance that the nature brings them back home. 

5. Work Program

For those who are ready to work but has not got the opportunity to be formally employed, we have work programs. 

1. We do backyard clean-up and front yard clean-up for leaves and branches to turn them into organic soil.  The rate is from $80 and up and your payment to us is a 100% tax-deductible donation. 

2. We accept vegetable, fruit, and eggs from restaurants and grocery stores as your donation to us. We will use them to turn them into fluffy garden soil. Your donation is a 100% tax-deductible donation. 

We sincerely thank you for your donation to make good things come true. 

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