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Install Rainwater Barrels & Cisterns
For Garden and Home

Rain on Roof

"In this time of climate crisis, collecting rainwater is beneficial for our community by mitigating flood and other natural disasters." 

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How much will it cost?

  • One Rainwater Barrel that contains more than 40 Gallons: Various Prices from Retailers, about $150-$200.
  • Up to $70 Rebate from Valley Water by directly applying rebate from Valley Water at: Valley Water Landscape Rebate Program ( or by calling Valley Water at (408) 630-2554You can find the rain barrel requirements at Rain Barrels and Cisterns Rebate Page. 
  • A $20 donation receipt from God's Promise if you donate 50 gallons of rainwater within 3 days of rainy days. *This donation is only made available if you installed your rain capture system with God's Promise. 
Rain Barrel

A 50-Gallon Rain Barrel Installed at Home

Rain Barrel

A Cistern Collects More Rainwater than Rain Barrel


Two Cisterns at Business Park

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The Benefit You Will Get

  • Up to $70 Rebate from Valley Water (Santa Clara Valley Water District)
  • Gallons of Plants-Loving water after rain to use in your garden.  If you want more rainwater, installing multiple number of barrels is also workable. As you know, plants love rainwater way more than tap water.
  • If you don't have a use for rainwater, you can donate your rainwater to us. ($20 per 50 gallons. Restrictions apply. Please read above.)
  • Most Importantly, We Are Doing Our Part.
  • By Collecting Rainwater, we may be mitigating the magnitude of future flood. 
  • By Collecting Rainwater, we may be delaying the overflow of sewage water into the flood water. 
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